PLC's Software collection for learning of Tamil
This page contains links to download software packages to be used with PC windows and Macintosh. Check back with us for more updates in this section. If you want, you can leave your email with us so that we can inform you of the updates via. email.

PLCTAMIL.ZIP Software for learning Tamil (vowels, consonants and a few lessons in intermediate and advanced levels) to be used under PC windows 3.1. Size = 732 KB. Read the instructions for installation and copyright. You also need VBRUN300.ZIP to run this program. Download it, pkunzip the vbrun300.dll and copy it to c:\windows\system

A software for vocabulary review ( and a multimedia software (with a few Tamil lessons) may be downloaded from here: MULTILANG/FLASHCARD This software allows you to make your own lessons to teach Tamil.

Download "Tamil - A to Z" software for Macintosh - Morphological and Syntactic Processors for Tamil (Dos based programs)

Recent version of Tamil morphological tagger program (updated on 9th May, 1998).

Tavultesoft Keyman Keyboard (Tamil Typewriter keyboard)