1999-2000 Topic: Ethnicity, Regionalism and Religious Developments in Late Antique Egypt

All meetings occur 7:00-9:00 pm.

27 September, 1999

David Frankfurter (University of New Hampshire)
"Continuity of Native Traditions: The Case of Late Antique Egypt"

28 October, 1999

Allen Kerkeslager (St. Joseph's University)
"Jewish Sexuality and Problems in the History of the Jewish Community of Edfu"

special presentation
28 October, 1999
Benjamin G. Wright (Lehigh University)
Presentation of Festschrift to Robert Alan Kraft
2 December, 1999
Roger Bagnall (Columbia University) and Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania)
"In Conversation with Roger Bagnall -- Early Judaism and Early Christianity in Greco-Roman Egypt: the Papyrological Evidence"
10 February, 2000
David Brakke (Indiana University)
"Jewish Flesh and Christian Spirit in Athanasius of Alexandria: The Construction of Universal Orthodoxy"
This meeting will be held at Princeton University.
9 March, 2000
Christopher Haas (Villanova University)
"Multitudo Immanis: Public Disorder and Communal Identity in Late Antique Alexandria"
13 April, 2000
Sarah Iles Johnston (Ohio State University)
"Creating Ritual: Innovation and Conservatism in the Magical Papyri"
This meeting will be held at Princeton Unviersity.