PSCO Presentation: 8 November, 2012

Panel Discussion: “PSCO: An Oral History”

Bob Kraft, Bob Hotchkiss, Jay Treat, and Jackie Pastis


Bob Kraft and Annette Reed are co-chairing this year’s seminar on the theme of PSCO’s fiftieth year — exploring “Christian Origins in Retrospect and Prospect” through a series of panels.

Our first meeting of the year will be on Thursday, November 8th and will feature a panel reflecting on PSCO’s own origins and history: Bob Kraft, Bob Hotchkiss, Jay Treat, and Jackie Pastis.


Here is video of part of this session. During this session, we were displaying our history page, its list of topics, and some of the minutes linked from that page.

Download video of this session (46 minutes, 587 MB).


Bob Kraft was co-founder (with the late Jack Reumann) of the PSCO in 1963, during his first year as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Thought (!) at the University of Pennsylvania, where he continued to teach also for five more years after his official retirement as the Berg Professor of Religious Studies in 2003.

Robert V. Hotchkiss, retired Presbyterian pastor and ecclesiastical bureaucrat. Student of Bob Kraft in the late 60s and early 70s. Secretary of PSCO from 1969 to at least 1984.

Jacqueline Z. Pastis studied with Bob Kraft in the 1980s, earning her doctorate in 1994. She served as PSCO graduate assistant in 1985-1987 and co-chaired the 30th session (1991-1992) with David Efroymson. She is Associate Professor of Religion at La Salle University.

Jay Treat has been one of Bob Kraft's students since 1986 and graduated with a doctorate in 1996. In 1997-8, he co-chaired PSCO and began its website, which he has maintained since then.

Meeting and Dining

All are welcome! As usual, those wishing to dine together before the seminar will meet at 6:00 p.m. in the Second-Floor Lounge of Cohen Hall and then go next door to the food court in Houston Hall.

As usual, the PSCO seminar will begin at 7:00 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m. We meet in the Second-Floor Lounge of Cohen Hall.