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· Kyle Conner
My Kidney Just Went IPO
· Tom Devaney
Bee Beard Sonnet
How do you say, "funky chicken" in Spanish, Poppy?
· Charles Coleman Finlay
Snapshots (One Woman)
Our Modern City
· Greg Fuchs
Guardian Life
Strangers On A Train
· Amy Holman
Vitamin See
Every River
Passenger, Sleep
· Teresa Leo
· Stuart Lishan
After Oral Surgery/ A Meditation on the Tongue
· Marek Lugowski
Poem for Wifefriend
A Saint Valentine Rememberance for the French and Indian Girls
Met a Cabbie
Opera Tix
Smell Like a Girl
· Michael Magee
Grainy American Dream (1)
· Joseph Millar
Oaks Card Club
Tax Man
· K. Silem Mohammad
Three Apostrophes
The Twin Loons of Irony and Hysteria
· Rick Moody
The Sport Which Calls for Sorrows
Lodge Escorts Mourners
Use Caution Near Edge
· Daniel M. Nester
Evil Twin Episode
· Mark Parsons
How I Imagine You Now
Still Life With Human Beings
· Lev Rubinshtein
Thursday Night (When Dreams Come True)
Six-Winged Seraphim
Catalogue of Comedic Novelties
· Andrew Shields
· Ron Silliman
Silence of the Looms
The Nose Of Kim Darby's Double
· Robert Sward
Fashion Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
· Kirsten Thorpe
Dad Said, "You're Six"
· Shawn Lynn Walker
Economy of the Displaced
Pirouette du Vache
The Woman with Lips and a Landscape
· Rebecca Wolff
Dana Plato Fatality

· Annette C. Earling
Good Grief? Good Riddance.
· Teresa Leo
Finding Poetry: An Interview with Rick Moody
· Jack Smith
American Rites of Passage: A Review of Dennis Must's Banjo Grease (Creative Arts Book Company, 1999)

· Alice Ayers
· Dennis Barone
· Jason DeBoer
The Execution of the Sun
· Linh Dinh
· Wrenford Jones
Gideon, the prophet
· Ben Miller
Tiny Tales of Mayhem, Madness, and Murder : #252
Tiny Tales of Mayhem, Madness, and Murder : #262
· Mike Scofield
Electric Dart Wallow

Art Gallery
· Ron Klein
Architectual Nature
Industrial Nature
Burmese Nature
· Michelle Oosterbaan
Five as One
Infinity Mirage
Study, detail 1
Study, detail 2
· Steven Thompson
Michael Malkmus
The Base Code

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