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[TXT]0.1 Class Notes 199914-Jan-2000 16:23 95K
[TXT]1.1 Syllabus (Fall 1992)02-Feb-1993 18:36 3.3K
[TXT]1.2 Ancient Sources (Fall 1990)02-Feb-1993 18:36 7.0K
[TXT]1.3 Resources (Fall 1994)13-Sep-1994 00:27 41K
[TXT]1.4 Bibliography (Fall 1992)02-Feb-1993 18:36 36K
[TXT]1.5 Early Judaism Bibliography (EJMI)26-Feb-1993 00:21 42K
[TXT]1.6 Simplistic Overview by Topic Areas (PERSIA)05-Sep-1997 12:54 2.1K
[TXT]2.1 Judaism on the World Scene (RAK)13-Sep-1994 00:19 55K
[   ]2.2 Jewish Heritage Article (RAK)02-Feb-1993 18:36 86K
[TXT]2.3 Greek Judaism Article (Treu)02-Feb-1993 18:37 97K
[TXT]3.1 Philo Note (GH35 1990)15-Sep-1994 22:59 2.0K
[TXT]3.2 Josephus Note (GH35 1991)15-Sep-1994 22:58 2.3K
[TXT]4.1 Barr Review of Conzelman Sourcebook26-Feb-1993 00:26 11K
[   ]4.2 Mason Review of Boccaccini, Middle Judaism26-Feb-1993 00:19 23K

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