The International Organization for
Septuagint and Cognate Studies

Annual Report to IOSCS, October 20, 2005

At the Leiden (2004) meeting of the IOSCS Executive Committee the following motions were passed:

1. That up to $7,500 from the NETS publication funds be authorized for payment to Lehigh University to relieve NETS co-editor Benjamin G. Wright of teaching one course of his choice in the calendar year 2005 (spring or fall term) to enable him to devote more of his own time to the remaining editorial tasks of the NETS project.

2. That the NETS Editorial Committee undertake to post a provisional edition of NETS on the internet, as permitted by §2.A. of the License Agreement between Oxford University Press and the IOSCS.

Re Motion 1: Since Ben Wright was granted a one-term leave by his University (Lehigh) there has been no need for the approved expenditure thus far. (For a revised proposal see the request submitted to the Committee by Ben Wright.)

Re Motion 2. The provisional edition is nearing completion. Of the fifty-one books, forty-one have thus far been posted. Almost all of the remaining translations are being prepared for posting on the website. Corrections and revisions are made on an ongoing basis and with each re-posting a revised date is attached. The work of our Webpage Editor, Jay Treat, has been invaluable. To see the provisional website go to the NETS website ( and click on provisional edition.

The editors are continuing with the work of bringing the entire corpus of NETS translations and introductions into conformity with current NETS standards. We hope to complete the editing by the end of 2005 or early in 2006 in order to get the entirety of NETS to OUP. A new edition of Psalms will be included in the OUP edition of NETS, scheduled for 2006.

Cordially submitted,
Albert Pietersma
Benjamin Wright
Joint Editors