1997-1998 Topic: Textual Commentary as Social Practice

25 September  Maxine Grossman, University of Pennsylvania
"Textual Strategies, Authoritative Voice, and the Dead Sea Scrolls"
6 November  David Dawson, Haverford College
"Figural Reading and the Fashioning of Christian Identity: Origen on Body, History and Narrative"
22 January 1998  Daniel Boyarin, University of California at Berkeley
"The Bartered Word: Midrash and Symbolic Economy"
19 March 1998  Robert Lamberton, Washington University
"Homer, Porphyry, and his Commentaries"
2 April 1998  James O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania
"Textualizing the World Afresh: The Place of Scriptures in the Latin Church from Augustine to Cassiodorus"
14 May 1998  A Panel of Scholars