2001-2002 Topic: On Location: How Do Martyrdoms Take Place?

All meetings occur 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday evenings.

25 October, 2001

"Locating Martyrdom in the Subdisciplines Concerned with Late Antiquity" -- A Panel
Robert Kraft, University of Pennsylvania, Chair
David Efroymson, La Salle University
E. Ann Matter, University of Pennsylvania
David Stern, University of Pennsylvania

6 December, 2001

"Revisiting Jews and Christian Persecutions: the Evidence from Smyrna"
Leigh Gibson, Oberlin College

17 January, 2002

"Locating the Roots of Martyrdom: The Stoic Paradigm"
Howard Clark Kee, Boston University School of Theology

14 February, 2002

"Upping the Millennial Ante: Putting Martyrdom on the Table"
Albert I. Baumgarten, Bar Ilan University, Israel

21 March, 2002

"Arenas of Persecution: The Shifting Location of the Christian Martyr in Roman Policy, 180-303"
Megan Williams, Fellow, Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, University of Pennsylvania

18 April, 2002

"Have Story, Will Travel: Dislocation of the Maccabean Martyrdoms"
Sigrid Peterson, University of Pennsylvania

"Strategies for Dislocating and Relocating Power: Re-Placing Martyr Cult Practices."
Shira Lander, University of Pennsylvania