Tentative Schedule

2002-2003 Topic: Parabiblical Literature

Except for the meeting in Toronto on 22 November meeting, all meetings occur 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday evenings.

10 October, 2002
(at the University of Pennsylvania)

"What is It and What Shall We Call It? Method and Context," or, "From 'Extracanonical' to 'Rewritten Bible' to 'Parabiblical' and Beyond: In Search of Appropriate Terminology and Conceptualization"

(1) "Apocrypha, Outside Books, and Pseudepigrapha: Ancient Categories and Modern Perceptions of Parabiblical Literature" (handout)
Annette Reed, Princeton University (co-chair)

(2) "Scriptures that Fell by the Wayside: Challenges of Finding and Labelling"
Robert Kraft, University of Pennsylvania (co-chair)

22 November 2002 (8-10 pm, at the annual SBL/AAR conference in Toronto)

"Parabiblical Literature" among Jews, Christians, Samaritans, Manichees, Etc.
A Panel of Specialists, featuring Gary Anderson (Harvard University), James Davila (St. Andrews, Scotland), Devora Dimant (Haifa University, Israel), Ingrid Hjelm (Copenhagen, Denmark), Andrew Jacobs (University of California at Riverside), and John Reeves (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

23 January, 2003

"Dead Sea Scrolls, Parabiblical Literature, and Post-70 Judaism"
Moshe Bernstein (Yeshiva University)
Burton Visotzky (Jewish Theological Seminary)
David Stern (University of Pennsylvania) responding

13 March 2003
(at Princeton University)

"Reception History of the Book of Jubilees: a Prime Example"
William Adler, North Carolina State

8 May 2003

"Selecting Scriptures and Creating Scriptures: Early Christian Contributions and Contestations"
(under construction)

April or May 2003

"Biblical Patterns for Authorship: The Evangelists as Saints"
Derek Krueger (UNC Greensboro)