Schedule for Year 42 (2004–2005)

Topic: “The Impact of Astrological (and Related) Traditions on Early Jewish and Christian Perspective”

Except for the meeting at SBL in San Antonio on Friday, 19 November, meetings are typically scheduled for 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday evenings. However, the session on November 11 begins at 7:30 pm. The following meetings are currently scheduled.

14 Oct., 2004

"Are Stars Good To Think With? Thoughts on the Place of Astrology in the Greco-Roman Near East"
David Frankfurter, University of New Hampshire

11 Nov., 2004

"Heaven on Earth: Helios and the Zodiac Cycle in Ancient Palestinian Synagogues"
Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
This session begins at 7:30 p.m. instead of the usual hour.

19 Nov., 2003
(San Antonio)

The Seminar at SBL

"Astrology and the Descenders to the Chariot"
James Davila, St. Andrews University

"Astrology in the Rhetoric of Jewish and Christian Chosenness"
Annette Yoshiko Reed, McMaster University

3 March, 2005

"Re-examining the Astrological Significance of the Ophite Diagram (CCel. 6.25-40)"
Nicola Denzey, Bowdoin College and Harvard Divinity School

14 April, 2005

"Microcosm and Macrocosm in Greek Astrology"
Peter Struck, University of Pennsylvania Classical Studies