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Lesson 7


Mayuri inquiries about her friends’ food taste
Goal: In this lesson you will learn how to form (1) yes-no sentences and (2) negative sentences in present tense. In addition, you will also learn how to make negative sentences. You should also focus on the verb -avvu&, ' to like the taste of a food.'

myUrI Š hrI=, tu& rI&g8nu& =ak`ay 2e ne?

hrI= Š na, hu& rI&g8nu& =ak n9I `ato. 

myUrI Š kla, tu& to rI&g8nu& =ak `ay 2e ne?

kla Š ha, hu& `aw& 2u&.

myUrI Š to tu& =anu& =ak n9I `atI?

kla Š hu& -I&6anu& =ak n9I -avtu&.

hrI= Š masI, tme m=£mnu& =ak `aAo 2o?

myUrI Š na, Ame m=£m n9I `ata&.

hrI=Š kem m=£mma& =u& `rab hoy 2e?

myUrI Š tu& j khe, rI&g8ma& =u& `rab hoy 2e?

hrI= Š Aam to k&; nih.

myUrI Š bs to p2I.

kla Š hrI=, tu& Ane inle= hve roj m&idre jaAo 2o `ra?

hrI= Š na, hve Ame roj m&idre n9I jta.

myUrI Š kem?

hrI=Š smy j kya& mXe 2e?

myUrI Š Ae j to mo4I moka8 2ene!

kla Š tarI vat sacI. Aa`o idvs kam kamne kam.

myUrI Š calo,jmvanu&tEyar. 4ebl pr AavI jav.

hrI= Š calo, mne to kk6Ine -U` lagI 2e.

kla Š mne p8.

myUrI Š tme beso Ae4le hu& 9aXI pIrsu&


rI&g8n. brinjal

=akneut. vegetable

`avu&v.intr. to eat


-I&6an. lady's finger 

masIfem. mother's sister

`rabadj. bad

Aam toadv. as such

k&;adj. some, any

nih no, not

hve adv. now

m&idrneut. temple

smymasc. time

mXvu& v.dat to get, to gain, to find

moka8fem. trouble, idiomatic extension of"a visit of condolence after someone's death" the original meaning of the word.

jmvanu& neut. food("food intended to be eaten" literal meaning)

tEyar adj. ready

AavI jvu&v.comp. to come

kk6Ineintensely (hungry)

besvu& v.intr. to sit

9aXIfem. dish

pIrsvu& to serve the food


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