WATU-affiliated Writing Seminar:

Language and Popular Culture, LING 057.

Fall Semester, 2005
H. Schiffman, Instructor

T-Th 9:00-10:30, Room: WMS Room 723
Office Hours and FAQ

The purpose of this WATU-affiliated writing seminar is to examine representations of human (and non-human) language as they appear in popular media such as the film, television, cartoons, advertising, and other popular genres. Popular (mis-)conceptions of what human language is like will be contrasted with more scientific conceptions of language based on the knowledge constructed in linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, and other disciplines. We will also focus on attitudes about language(s) and their speakers, as reflected in popular culture. Students will do expository writing about this material. This course counts for 1/2 of the writing requirement.

FAQ Readings will be assigned, with some required texts and a course packet. Viewings of media will either be pre-assigned or viewed in class. Still photographs (advertisements, cartoons, other print stills) will be available in the coursepak (BlackBoard) or on this web page: http://lrrc3.sas.upenn.edu/popcult/


Schedule of Meetings and Topics

Daily and Weekly outline of topics, readings, discussions, viewings, in-class work.



There are DEADLINES for these various projects, and schedules to be adhered to. See quick summary of deadlines here.





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