Bibliographic Resources, Databases, and Corpora
on Topics of Sociolinguistics, Language Policy,
Bilingualism, Language Learning, and more.

These are bibliographies that I and others have found useful, mostly because they aren't easily available elsewhere; they have been culled from standard sources (such as library databases, listservs, and published bibliographies) and from CD-ROM indices. If you know of articles or monographs that ought to be added to these lists, please don't hesitate to let me know. Or, if it's proprietary information and should be removed, please let me know.

Bibliographic Resources for the Study of

Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Competence

Bibliographic Resources for the Study of

African American English
AAVE Verbal Sparring ( Dozens)
and Related Topics

Websites for American Sign Language



ASL Rochester

On-line access to Bibliographie linguistique The bibliographical database of linguistics  
Bibliographic Resources on

Bilingual Education

A Bibliography on

Child-language disorders in Multilingual Situations

A bibliography on


A bibliography on the subject of

Contact phenomena;
Languages in Contact

A Bibliography on

Cross-Cultural Communication

A UCBerkeley Website and Bibliography on

Books and Articles about Disney Films

Bibliographic Resources for the study of

Dravidian Linguistics

Bibliographic Resources on the subject of

Family Disputes

Bibliographic resources on

Film Study

and Popular Culture
Bibliographical Resources on

Foreign Branding

A Bibliography on

Gender, Communication and Language in South Asia

Some Bibliography on

German Code-Switching (to and from)

A Bibliography on


Bibliographical Resources on

Japanese Sociolinguistics

An annotated bibliography
on the relationship between
Language and Identity
Bibliographies on the subject of

Language Standardization, Language Attitudes,
Minority Languages, and related topics.

Bibliographies on the subject of

Language Attitudes

The bibliography from
Shapiro and Schiffman, 1981
Language and Society in South Asia
Bibliographical Resources on the subject of

Language-disordered Children

A recent list on

Language Localization in the Brain

Lists of Journals concerned with

Language, linguistic anthropology
and/or sociolinguistics

Bibliographies on the topic of

Language and Gender

Resources for the study of

Language Policy, Policy implementation, linguistic ideology,
and language standardization

Peter Yongqi Gu's Bibliography on

Language Planning and Language Policy in China

Linguist-List Resources on

Language and the Law

Short bibliography on

Lexical Blending

Extensive Bibliography on

Male-Female Phonetic Differences

Bibliography on

'Matched Guise' technique

Resources on

Native American Languages

and their Representation in the Media
Short bibliography on

Prosody and Function Words


Saarbrücken Corpus of Spoken English

A Website on the subject of

Scottish Accents in Film

and other resources on Scots language and 'accents'

Bibliographic Resources on

Seating in Public Places

Bibliographic Resources on

Second-language Impairment

Bibliographic Resources on

Second-dialect Acquisition

John Peterson's Bibliography on Seldom-studied and endangered South Asian Languages
(a.k.a. South Asian LCTL Bibliographic Resources)
A bibliography on Southeast Asian Sociolinguistics
University of Surrey Morphology Group Syncretism: An annotated Bibliography
Bibliographies on the subject of

Teaching ESL in Multilingual Classrooms

A Bibliography on Word-Formation Change

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