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Basic Information

Robert A. Kraft, Berg Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus
Department of Religious Studies
School of Arts and Sciences
The University of Pennsylvania
201 Logan Hall
Philadelphia PA 19104-6304
Phone: (215) 898-5827


Academic Credentials

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Research and Expertise

My research interests include (see also course offerings): I have also attempted to maintain knowledge of the applications of computer technology to research in such fields.

Other Professional Activities

Bibliography Including Selections from the Larger List of
Publications in Electronic Form (which see also)




SEMI-POPULAR PRESENTATIONS, Gwynedd Estates Retirement Community and elsewhere

PUBLICATIONS: EDITOR (with no specific contribution to content)

[Pending Publications and Topics to Pursue (October 2016)]

     Scroll/Codex: Do depictions of Luke favor some form of scroll (rotulus) as his Gospel medium?

     Latin Jewish Scriptures: Were there Jewish translations of "scriptural" books into Latin ("Old Latin" selections)


DEGREES SUPERVISED (or Significantly Involved)

Hotchkiss, Robert V.: MA 05/1973
Arguments for the Dating of Jubilees

Dechow, Jon F.: PhD 08/1975
Dogma and Mysticism in Early Christianity: Epiphanius of Cyprus and the Legacy of Origen

Magalis, Elaine: MA 05/1975
[Title ? ]

Koch, Glenn: PhD 08/1976
[Epiphanius on the Ebionites (Panarion 30)]

Purintun. Ann-Elizabeth: MA 12/1979
A Critical Edition of the Greek Text of Paraleipomena Jeremiou

Timbie, Janet: PhD 05/1979
Dualism and the Concept of Orthodoxy in the Thought of the Monks of Upper Egypt

Himmelfarb, Martha: PhD 05/1981
Tours of Hell: The Development and Transmission of an Apocalyptic Form in Jewish and Christian Literature

McKenna, Margaret: PhD 05/1981
The Two Ways in Jewish and Christian Writings of the Greco-Roman Period: A Study of Form and Function

Remus, Harold: PhD 05/1981
Pagan-Christian Conflict Over Miracle in the Second Century

Adler, William: PhD 08/1982
George Syncellus and his Predecessors: Anti-Diluvian History in the Chronical of Syncellus and his Acknowledged Authorities

Salmon, Dena K.: MA 08/1984
Translation and Commentary on Sifre Deuteronomy (DT 11-12)

Bergren, Theodore: PhD 12/1988
A Textual Investigation of 5 Ezra (4 Ezra 1-2)

Wright, Benjamin G. III: PhD 05/1988
New Perspective on Biblical Vocabulary and Translation Techniques: Sirach and Its Presumed Hebrew Vorlage

Heschel, Susannah: PhD 05/1989
Abraham Geiger and the Origins of Christianity


LiDonnici, Lynn R.: PhD 05/1989
Tale and Dream: The Text and Compositional History of the Corpus of Epidaurian Miracle Lures

(O'Connor, Kathleen M.: PhD 05/1994 [Advisors: Sells & Matter]
The Alchemical Creation of Life (Takwin) and Other Concepts of Genesis in Medieval Islam)

Pastis, Jacqueline: PhD 05/1995
Representations of Jews and Judaism in the Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila: Construct or Social Reality?

Cohick, Lynn: MA 05/95, PhD 12/1996
[MA: The Tetragrammaton and its Various Renderings in Early Judaism and Early Christianity]
Reassessing the Use of Scriptural Material and Interpretation in the PERI PASXA Attributed to Melito of Sardis

Nilsson, Donal: PhD 05/1996
Studies of the New Testament Traditions in the Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila

Treat, Jay: PhD 05/1996
Lost Keys Text and Interpretation in Old Greek Song of Songs and Its Earliest Manuscript Witnesses

(Knobloch, Frederick (Fritz) [PhD AMES, Jeffrey Tigay])


Kerkeslager, Allen: PhD 12/1997
Jewish Pilgrimage and Jewish Identity in Hellenistic and Early Roman Egypt

Grossman, Maxine: [with Ross Kraemer] PhD 05/2000
Reading the History of the Righteous Remnant: Ideology and Constructions of Identity in the Damascus Document

Sandmel, David Fox: [with Ross Kraemer, Samuel Klausner, Israel Bartal] PhD 05/2002
Into the Fray: Joseph Klausner on Early Judaism and Early Christianity

(Pollard, Elizabeth Lisi: [Ancient History, Brent Shaw, also with Ross Kraemer] PhD 2002
Magic Accusations Against Women in the Greco-Roman World From the First Through the Fifth Centuries C.E.)

Lander, Shira: [with Ross Kraemer, Brent Shaw] PhD 12/2002
Women and the Cult of the Martyrs in North Africa in the Fourth and Fifth centuries

Marks, Susan: [with Ross Kraemer, David Stern] PhD 05/2003
Jewish Marriage in the Greco-Roman Period: A Reconsideration of Received Ritual

Blankenship, James [with Vasiliki Lamberis] PhD 2004
Subject to the Governing Authorities: A Tradition of Pauline Interpretation in Late Antiquity

(Anisfeld, Rachel [AMES, David Stern] PhD 2004
Preacher and Audience: Exploring the Rhetorical Nature of the Homiletical Midradhim Pesikta deRav Kahana and Leviticus Rabbah)

Gruen, William C. [Chip] PhD 2005
Religious and Ethnic Violence in the Imperial southeast Mediterranean

Schwarz, Sarah PhD 2005
Building a Book of Spells: Textual Development and Social History in the Testament of Solomon

Peterson, Sigrid PhD 2006
Martha Shamuni: a Jewish Syriac Liturgical Text of the Maccabean Martyrdoms

(Luke, Trevor [Ancient History, with Brent Shaw, Jeremy McInerney, Campbell Grey] PhD 2007
Presence, Prophecy, and Power in the Early Roman Empire)

Kirkegaard, Bradford PhD 2007
Christian Claiming and Reuse of Greco-Roman Sacred Space in the 4th and 5th Centuries

Humm, Alan PhD 2008
The Decline of Prophecy in Second and Early Third Century Christianity

Bucher, Debra PhD 2008
Ascetic Cohabitation and Authoritative Scriptures in the Epistula Titi Discipuli Pauli

Krulak, Todd  PhD 2009
The Animated Statue and the Ascension of the Soul: Ritual and the Divine Image in Late Platonism

Tolley, Harry PhD 2010
Ariston of Pella
Finkbeiner, Douglas PhD 2010
Josephus on Essenes

Kelly, Caroline (Ancient History) PhD 2010
Hadrian and Religion


(Beardsley, Steven J. [Temple University, with Vasilike Limberis] PhD 2012

Luke’s Narrative Agenda: The Use of KURIOS within Luke- Acts to Proclaim the Identity of Jesus)

Virginia Wayland PhD 2017

"Following Moses: An Inquiry into the Prophetic Discourse of the First Century C.E."

Taylor, Stephen [unfinished]
Paul and the Persian Sage: the Legacy of Paul's Understanding of the Law in the Demonstrations of Aphrahat

Banner, Kenneth [unfinished]
Testament of Job

Wellman, Tennyson J. [with Peter Struck] [unfinished]
Orphic Religion

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